The V2 Cigs company is well known in the vaping industry as making quality vaporizer pens for vaporizing e Liquid. They have now come out with a new line of vaporizers called the V2 PRO. They are making three different versions(Series 3, 7, and 9). The only one currently out at the moment is the Series 3.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is unique in its ability to swap out different cartridges easily and quickly. V2’s plan is to have three different cartridges that you will be able to swap out. The three types of cartridges planned are ones for e-Liquid, loose leaf, and essential oils. These just hit the market(at the time of writing this) so I was only able to get it with the e-Liquid cartridge. The loose leaf cartridge just became available, so I will have to try and get my hands on one of these. As for the essential oil cartridge, they are set to be released in the Winter(2014).

I guess you could classify this as a “pen vaporizer”, but it’s more the size of a marker than an actual pen. It does still fit in your pocket with no problems.

v2 pro series 3



Price – $59.99 – Buy Here

Using the V2 Pro Series  3

Using this device was a real treat and super easy. First thing you need to do is charge it. It comes with a USB charger, which can be easily converted to a wall charger as well if your cell phone charger has an adapter. I’m not exactly sure on the exact amount it takes to charge(forgot to time it), but it wasn’t more than 2 hours.

To turn on/activate it’s simple. You just click the button(there is only one) three times and the lights should blink. The led lights will blink white when on. To turn off/deactivate you simply click the button three times again. The led lights will blink read when off. This is a nice feature if you are carrying it in your pocket. This way is your walking you aren’t accidentally hitting the button to heat it up.

I can’t speak for the other cartridges(loose leaf and essential oils) but with the e-Liquid it makes nice thick vapor clouds.

The e-liquid cartridge holds up to 1.6ml or about 800 puffs. I’ve come to the conclusion that one battery charge will last you about two cartridges. There is a see through part on the vaporizer that allows you to see how much e liquid is left. However, it’s just as easy to pull out the cartridge and check as well.

V2 Pro Series 3 Liquid Cartridge-1

The cartridges fit in the vaporizer easily and are held in surprisingly well by a strong magnet. I actually did a test where I was flinging the vaporizer around pretty hard to see if it would fly out. To my surprise it stayed in, so good job there. They are also designed in a way that you can’t put it in wrong.

Final Thoughts

The V2 Pro Series 3 is an effective device, especially for those who go out and only want to take one vaporizer but like to vaporizer different things(liquid, loose leaf, or essential oils).

The only real downside I can see at the moment is that there is no carrying case. Now I don’t really mean a carrying case for the vaporizer itself, but more for the people who want to take multiple cartridges out with them. Maybe something the size/shape of an Altoids tin.

The price is rather inexpensive($59.99) for the standard kit(Get it here), but keep in mind that the standard kit only comes with one cartridge(liquid). So if you like to swap out different flavors you will need to get additional cartridges as well.

A must have for someone who vapes both e-juice, and loose leaf.