I was contacted by the people at Pulsar Vaporizers, asking if I was interested in reviewing the APX. Of course, I obliged. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

At first glance, it resembles the Pax/Pax 2 vape just available in more crazy designs and colors. In fact, when the first contacted me I actually Googled “APX vape review” to see what other people were saying about it, and Google came back with “Did you mean: pax vape review”. I’m guessing it has more to do with them thinking it was a misspelling rather than they look the same. Nevertheless, I thought it was interesting and thought I share it with you.Apx Vaporizer Review - Pax 2 vape review

Moving forward…

Before I get into the how it performs, I’ll just go over the features, and what’s included.

What’s In the Box

Pulsar APX Vaporizer Box

  • The APX Vape
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB charging cord
  • Tweezers(These come in handy, don’t lose it)
  • Wax tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Replacement screens(comes with 4 extra screens)
  • Oil/Wax Chamber
  • User’s Manual

Although it may resemble a Pax at first glance it is rather different. The main difference(aside from price) is that it comes with a canister that allows you to vape oil and wax concentrates.


APX Features

  • Convection Vaporizer
  • One Button
  • 1600 mAh Battery
  • 5 heat settings
  • Battery Life Indicator

Using the APX vape uses one button, which I see on most vapes these days. All you have to do is press the button 5 times to turn it on, and 5 times to turn in back off. To change the temperature you simply hold the button for 3 seconds.

Vaping with the APX is rather simple and easy you simple load the chamber(Puslar claims that it can hold between .3 – .35 grams). For testing purposes we used roughly .15-.2g.

Heat up time is about the norm when it comes to portable vapes – Heat Up Time is 40 seconds.

There is not much room between the chamber and the mouthpiece, so the vapor can be a bit warm. Your best bet is not to take huge draws. Finding the right heat settings can take a couple tries, to find which setting you prefer as well as the product you a vaping(dry herb(how dry is it), and wax)

The battery on this unit takes 1.5 hours to charge and I have found will last you about all day. Depending on how often you vape. APX works decent with dry herbs, the vapor production is okay. No real complaints as it does what it’s intended to do. However, when it comes to wax it’s not the greatest. I mean it works, but there is better options out there for sure. In fact, Pulsar even states:(this is an exact quote from their website) – “If you are purchasing this unit to use specifically for concentrates this may not be the unit for you.


As you can image cleaning the wax canister can be bit of a headache. Your best bet is to simply throw the canister and screens into some rubbing alcohol and let them soak.

If this is going to be your only vaping device, you might want to invest in some replacement screens, and canisters.


Cleaning the unit itself they recommend using only the cleaning brush, as using chemical solvents may damage the unit, and most likely void your warranty.

Final Thoughts

In the past Pulsar was known for making/selling clones, but I feel this is an original unit that they designed. It closely resembles some other units but is unique in it own way. At $60 it’s rather cheap, so if you’re on a budget you may want to give the APX a try if you mainly do dry herbs, and only concentrates on rare occasions.

With all that being said… We normally only like to do our reviews after using the product for over 30 days so we can see how they stand up to regular use, and normal wear and tear. However, the company was after us to get the review up quickly, but our initial impressions are that it should serve well for dry herbs.

You can get the APX here for the low price of $59.99 or directly from Pulsar Vaporizers here.