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  1. Bucky
    March 2, 2013

    +1 for the pre burn cycle tip

  2. Mona
    March 18, 2013

    My pax takes 3 to 6 MINUTES before the green light comes on. I have emailed the company but no reply yet!

    • pvg_admin
      March 19, 2013

      @Mona sorry to hear, hopefully the people at Ploom with take care of you. If you’d like we could try and contact Ploom for you as well.

      • pvg_admin
        March 26, 2013

        Would like to give an update on this, We’ve contacted Ploom and have been informed they have taken care of the situation :-)

  3. Rebecca
    March 22, 2013

    Love my Pax. No problems here :-)

    • pvg_admin
      March 23, 2013

      Since I got mine in, I find myself grabbing this one most often at the moment.

  4. Bob420
    March 23, 2013

    What setting do you usually vape on?

    • pvg_admin
      March 24, 2013

      Depends if you are looking to achieve a nice dense vapor or what to savor the taste of your blend. Best way is to experiment. Also another factor you may want to take into consideration is how “dry/wet” your blend is. I usually recommend beginners just leave it on the medium setting.

  5. brandon
    March 30, 2013

    just got mine today. just in time to enjoy over easter sunday :-)

  6. JC
    April 2, 2013

    I ordered a Pax and it should be here any day now! I’m SUPER excited. But I’ve been reading about the pre burn cycle and I had a few questions:

    1) How long should I pre burn for? Like how many minutes?

    2) How many times should I pre burn before using it?

    3) Do I draw off it or just let it heat up and that’s it?

    4) Won’t it turn off if I’m not actively using it? Meaning, if I’m not drawing off it, doesn’t the Pax go into sleep mode?

    5) What temp setting is best for the pre burn? I would assume the highest temp but I wanted to get some input.

    Thanks in advance!


    • pvg_admin
      April 3, 2013

      Congrats on the purchase JC!

      1) Couple minutes at a time… about three minutes

      2) I say at least twice, and then giving it a try. I’ve heard of people doing it the battery was dead. I think that is a bit extreme.

      3) Just let it heat up

      4) The way the Pax works is with an onboard accelerometer. If it senses no movement after 20 seconds it will go into standby mode, which is the lowest setting. After 3 minutes it will completely shut off. As long as there’s movement it won’t go to sleep.

      5) The highest temp. for sure

      Have fun :-)

      • JC
        April 3, 2013

        Thanks so much for the help! I really can’t wait for this thing to get here, hopefully tomorrow!!

  7. Scores.
    April 5, 2013

    Can i have mine delivered in Uganda?

    • pvg_admin
      April 6, 2013


      I talked to the people at Vape World for you and they didn’t think it would be a problem. Let us know how you make out.

  8. karen
    May 8, 2013

    I am having trouble with the mouthpiece getting really hot. Is this normal?

    • Brandon
      May 9, 2013

      Does it get hot right away? How long are you using it before it gets hot? I would think it is not normal. Mine doesn’t get that hot but it not being constantly used either.

    • pvg_admin
      May 9, 2013

      If it is to hot hot to use. I’m sure the folks at Ploom will take care of you. Their support team is top notch. We have already sent them a notification about your problem. They should be checking in shortly.

    • pvg_admin
      May 9, 2013

      @karen, the folks at Ploom have responded to me personally about your problem. Here is what they had to say:

      “Karen’s issue is a common concern among most new Paxers. This happens if your lips are blocking the opening in the mouthpiece. Best practice is to place your lips slightly over the edges of the mouthpiece and not directly in the path of the warm vapor. Another great tip is to be sure to fill the oven most of the way and pack the material lightly, otherwise hot air instead of vapor will be coming through the mouthpiece.”

  9. Just a Guy
    May 30, 2013

    Just wanted to say Thank You. After visiting your site I decided to go with this vape. I just got it the other day, and this thing is awesome.

  10. DBC
    June 17, 2013

    I am ordering my Pax soon and I am so excited!! I was just curious about how long you can keep your herb in the oven chamber? Like if you took a few hits but didnt use all of it, could you leave it for a day and still get vape from it?

  11. Helio
    July 20, 2013

    I got a blue one here in Brazil, it’s amazing! Great vapor and no burn! I can carry mine everywhere!

  12. Enthusiast
    July 31, 2013

    Does the oven have to be completely full to burn well? I understand you will get the best if its full, but what volume is needed for minimum burn? I know the Solo’s design allows you to put varying amounts and burn quality doesn’t drop, but this design doesn’t look like it’d work well.

    • pvg_admin
      August 1, 2013

      @Enthusiast. Does the oven have to be completely full to burn well.
      That is kind of a hard question to answer. It WILL work if it isn’t completely full, but the draws aren’t going to be as good if say it was completely full. Hope this helps you.

      • Tipster
        December 10, 2013

        If you use a traditional screen on top of your flowers you can barely fill it and get better results than if it was fulll. The additional screen keeps the herbs compacted and also conducts heat better than the lid. Typically without the other screen I find I’m stirring the chamber as the top layer that comes into contact with the lid doesn’t get hot enough to vape. This problem goes away completely with an old school screen.

  13. Greg
    August 8, 2013

    Hello I am very interested in buying a pax and I’ve been wondering how this high is from smoking herb. I am a daily smoker so my tolerance is decently high, basically just wondering how this compares to other non-vape pieces.

    • pvg_admin
      August 8, 2013

      @Greg, If you have never vaporized before you are in for a treat. When vaping you are not “burning” anything. All you are getting is the flavor and goodness of your blend. It’s a cleaner and more pleasurable feeling(at least I think so). You will probably also notice that you shouldn’t have to use as much material as before to get your desired effects. Kind of hard to explain, but there is a slight difference probably because your not inhaling other “things” that are associated with burning/combustion. Since you said you are a daily smoker, switching to vaporizing(at least sometimes) should be something you look into.

      • Greg
        August 8, 2013

        Thank you I am going to buy one ASAP!!

  14. Jake
    August 17, 2013

    Can you vaporize concentrates with the pax straight out of the box, or do i need to order some sort of piece in order to do so? Thanks.

    • pvg_admin
      August 17, 2013

      @Jake, Ploom does not recommend or warrant anything other than pipe tobacco use. They also discourage against using the device with anything that might “drip” into the device.
      It’s your call but you would be technically voiding your warranty if you would so. Personally, I think all you would need is an extra/spare screen.

  15. Sasa8989
    August 18, 2013

    Does smoking weed in the pax void my warranty?

    • pvg_admin
      August 20, 2013

      @Sasa8989, good question. The following snippet is from Ploom’s support;
      “The Pax is designed for use with pipe tobacco…it can be packed with other plant materials, such as peppermint, is a loose-leaf vaporizer… Ploom does not recommend or warrant non-tobacco use.”

      I would think that it would be on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Obviously if something were to go wrong and for some reason you had to ship it back to the manufacturer/dealer you’d want to make sure it was properly cleaned and removed/replaced the screen beforehand.

  16. Chad
    August 27, 2013

    Hey, I’m interested in buying a Pax and I have a few questions:

    1. How long is the battery’s lifetime before/if it begins to lose capacity or effectiveness?

    2. Is the battery removable/replaceable?

    3. Is there a difference between turning on the Pax using the mouthpiece button, and actually activating it to release vapor? Basically is there a way to heat it up while the oven is full without actually vaporizing?

    4. I see sleep mode has been mentioned a few times, does this mean when in sleep mode it is actually producing vapor on the lowest setting?

    5. Does shaking between each use do anything to increase the vapor production?

    6. How much of a risk is there to cause combustion?

    • pvg_admin
      September 3, 2013

      @Chad, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You asked some good questions and we were unsure about a few of them so instead of making something up or giving a half-assed answer we decided to go right to the source, Ploom themselves.

      Here’s what they had to say:

      Questions 1. & 2: Battery Life and Replacement:
      The battery charge lasts for up to 120 minutes. Single charge life and extended battery life will vary based on a number of factors including but not limited to: ambient temperature, storage, daily use and heat settings. Battery malfunction in the device is rare and normal battery degradation has yet to be determined.

      Although eventual battery degradation is not covered under Pax’s Ltd 10 Year Warranty, Ploom offers at its discretion, device replacement for a $125 service fee. It is not possible to simply “swap” out the battery in it, unfortunately. Should you have any questions about your Pax’s battery life down the road, contact Ploom Support. We will happily work with you to address your battery life concerns. The Battery Replacement Service is arranged through and approved by Ploom Support.

      Pax is not eligible for Battery Replacement Service if the device is damaged as a result of an accident and/or negligent maintenance. Devices with indications of disassembly or unauthorized modifications will not be serviced.

      Question 3. & 4. Activating/ heating/ turning on and Standby Mode:
      Turning it on will always initiate the heat up phase (pulsing purple). The only way to turn it on is by pushing down on the mouthpiece to release it in the “out” or “on” position. After 30 seconds the LED Indicator will turn green to let you know the oven has reached optimal temperatures to create vapor.

      There is a built in accelerometer (much like the one in your smart phone) that knows when you’ve set your device down and/or walked away; this is Standby Mode. While on, if it is unmoved for 20 seconds, the LED Indicator will turn blue, initiating a slight cool down for the oven. Your Pax will not create vapor while in standby mode, but will remain warm for a quick heat up should you pick it up within 2 minutes; after 2 minutes it will automatically turn itself off. This helps to save your material and your battery.

      Question 5: Shaking Your Device
      Shaking your device will only indicate the approximate charge level of your battery. There is no correlation between shaking or movement and vapor production, other than Standby Mode. If you would like to know more about optimal vapor production, please feel free to ask Ploom’s support and tech team, The Ploominati by emailing!

      Question 6: Combustion
      It heats never burns, gently warming the material in your oven to the point at which flavor and nicotine are released in the form of vapor. It comes with 3 heat settings to match your preference. The highest heat setting indicated by the red LED operates at 410F, Medium by the orange LED at 390F and the lowest setting indicated by a yellow LED at 370F. We suggest experimenting with different heat settings to find what works best for you!

      Ploom is a tobacco product, and using any tobacco product carries risks. Should you have health concerns regarding vaporization or using tobacco products please consult your personal health care advisor. Ploom has not been assessed as a smoking cessation device and is not marketed or sold as such.

      Hopefully this will help clear up any issues and concerns you were having.

  17. Phil Clarke
    September 29, 2013

    You know what’s interesting? The fact that the PAX Vaporizer is made in China (I know this because I live here) and you can buy it here in China for the equivalent of 65 USD. You guys in America are getting severely ripped off.

    But then again, almost every vape I’ve seen is overpriced. Take the MFLB for instance, how much do you think it takes to manufacture one of those things.

    I love vaping, but hate how insanely overpriced vaporizers are, and the Pax is no exception.

    • pvg_admin
      October 4, 2013


      It’s funny that you brought this up. What you are seeing for sale is a counterfeit.

      We were thinking of doing an in-depth article about these “China” made version, and comparing the two units (fake vs real).

      We even spoke with Ploom about the situation and how they thought about the whole thing.

      Here’s what they told us:

      There has been a recent surge of counterfeit Pax appearing all over the internet. Outside of copyright infringement and the many legal aspects involved, I will urge caution in dealing with these companies. We do have a few of these fake devices in our possession here at Ploom HQ. After a quick inspection, these devices are definitely not made up of the same quality plastics, metals and electronics as Ploom products. We do not suggest using them to vaporize. They may appear similar at first glance, but are far from useable.

      Despite the legitimate looking packaging, these counterfeits may not have the Ploom logo, “Designed in San Francisco” on the back, a serial number next to the temperature button underneath the mouthpiece. These devices also will not have a sophisticated built in accelerometer, meaning you will not be able to see your battery level when you give it a shake nor will it go into stand-by mode if you set the device down. The LED Indicator light may display other weird colors, like turquoise. Many times sellers will post real pictures of a Pax on their store front pages and ship the fakes. Ploom’s tech and support team, The Ploominati speak to a few customers everyday who have experienced this unfortunate deal.

      Most local smoke shops are authorized and know who our distributors are and also know to stay away from these solicitors. Caution should be always be exercised during online shopping and purchase, especially from eBay, Amazon or similar websites. If you want to avoid purchasing a counterfeit , purchase from a reputable online retailer(like the one listed above).

      So you are more than welcome to vape with a $65 device made from who knows what, but that is entire up to you. I would also like to point out that if it breaks or stop working(good chance) there is no way you’d be able to take advantage of Ploom’s awesome warranty and support.

  18. james
    October 1, 2013

    my unit seems to come on at times even if I havent relesed the mouth piece. why is that?

  19. pvg_admin
    October 4, 2013


    We’ve spoke to the people at Ploom about your problem, and this is what they told us:

    We’ve seen this situation occur when it is next to a magnet – possibly on a keychain in one’s pocket or in a bag with a magnet snap closure, etc.. Outside of that we usually don’t come across this issue, so if it continues to be a problem please reach out to the Ploominati so we may initiate warranty service.

  20. Paul
    November 13, 2013

    Hey all,
    I am looking forward to purchasing a PAX in the next couple weeks, and have been doing some research and shopping around in anticipation. I would like to make potential buyers aware of some other signs of fakes, as I have found several local shops here in CO (one quite reputable and famous) that are selling a fake PAX. The packaging is identical, but there are 3 easy ways to tell a fake if you take it out of the packaging and give it a closer examination.

    1. Give it a shake. If you hear or feel anything moving, even ever so slightly, it is not the quality that is delivered by the authentic Ploom product.
    2. Look at the 2 small magnets on either side oven lid. If they are any color (pink or blue in particular), you are holding a fake.
    3. This is probably the most obvious overlook by the counterfeiters. Check the tiny screw on the backside of the PAX, just above the logo. The fakes have a Phillips (cross) head; the original has a hexagon head.

    The counterfeiters are very good; so good that they have even infiltrated the more reputable places, to my amazement. I look forward to purchasing an authentic product from what I can already tell is a company of high quality and integrity. Just as soon as the funds come in… Thanks.

    • pvg_admin
      November 14, 2013

      Paul, Thanks for passing along some awesome information and tips for those looking to buy locally. When in doubt go with VapeWorld – see link above.

  21. Tony
    January 23, 2014

    does the warranty apply in Colorado

  22. Christopher waters
    February 9, 2014

    So I just got my Pax last week. Question, I find that I do t pull much air through the device and even though my “product’ is very good and grinded, I get very little vapor. The device is doing everything it says it is supposed to ( lighting up, going into standby mode etc.,). But the vapor output is low. I changed the heat level without much improvement. How many drags should I be getting out of one bowl and do I continue to smoke once the flavor is gone and the product turns brown?

  23. Neil
    March 20, 2014

    When i turn my pax on it goes straight to red and stays that way…cannot get ploom to return emails…getting a little frustrated..any ideas?

  24. Ron
    April 6, 2014

    My mouth piece is stuck and will not release

  25. Joe
    April 21, 2014

    Usually I portion out an amount of herb about the size of a match head, then burn it and inhale all of it, usually in one toke. I do that two or three times and I’m good for the night. It sounds like, with a vaporizer, I have to put more than that in the “bowl”. Do I have to use all of that in one night, or can I use part of it and re-vaporize the rest on a subsequent night? Can I use an amount the size of three match-heads in a vaporizer? If I leave some incompletely vaporized in the vaporizer overnight and resume the next night, will I run into problems?

  26. Krista
    May 5, 2014

    My PAX/Fully Charged/Won’t Heat/warm Up on Any Setting?
    I’ve had it long Enuff to know the “How To’s”
    PLEASE anyone w/ info on this issue, Reply
    Thank You ahead of time for your Help :-)

  27. jon
    July 15, 2014

    I just got my PAX and have to say I’m really liking it. How do you know when to dump the chamber is a question I have. It turns brown and then stops vaporizing?

  28. T
    September 20, 2014

    Thank you all so much. I’ve been reading everything I can trying to decide which vap to buy. This is so helpful. Can’t wait to buy an authentic pax. Soon as funds available.

  29. Ken Ramsdell
    March 30, 2015

    Bought mine off ebay the thing never could hold a charge. Tried leaving emails with the Pax people and no reply. Are they some kind of fly by night company or are they for real. Can’t not feel like I got ripped off. ken

    • pvg_admin
      April 8, 2015

      Good chance you bought a knock-off/fake/replica. You need to buy from an authorized dealer(see link above), if you want a quality vape, and want them to honor the warranty.

      I can’t stress this enough.

    • pvg_admin
      October 18, 2015

      Ken, it’s probably because you bought a knock off/replica instead of buying from a certified vendor(which we have listed). I can’t stress this enough people…DO NO BUY from eBAY

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