Hip Vap Box

The vaporizer we have here is the HipVap. It’s a newcomer to the business and it retails at
$199.99 $149.99(They just reduced the price). I haven’t really heard much about this vaporizer but from the looks of it, it has everything
you’d want in a vaporizer. It has an adjustable shutoff timer, adjustable temperature and an LED

Before it arrived I thought it would be much bigger. But as you can see it’s much smaller than a standard size flask.

hip vape flask

Opening the box for the first time reveals a bunch of accessories. It comes with refillable pods, oil
wicks, screens, extra mouth pieces, pipe cleaners, and an instruction booklet. It also comes with
two empty smell proof bags, which is a bit odd. The unit itself looks very well made, but it feels
kind of light weight. It looks to be made out of a full aluminum body like the pax but upon picking it
up, it just doesn’t have much weight at all.

The Chamber

Hip Vap Chamber

Packing the chamber is easy enough. You just fill a provided pod, open the bottom of the
vaporizer, and slip it into the oven. It is probably the largest chamber I’ve seen in a handheld
vape. You could fit 1/3­1/2 a gram in if you really press it tight. The LED display shows your
temperature and a shutoff timer. It’s easy to adjust with the controls, and it seems to accurately
adjust the temperature.

How Does it Vape?

It does produce a very large amount of slightly hot but fairly smooth vapor. I have fears it has no
sealed air path and its flowing directly over the circuitry behind the LED screen and temperature
controls but I wouldn’t know for sure unless I’d take it apart. I did a bit of research and tinkering and I can tell you the air path is actually very well sealed in an aluminum straw.

Its powered by 2x 3.7 1700mAh batteries. This is more than adequate and I have no trouble with
the battery life at all.

The vapor does have a bit of a plastic/metallic taste, but it may have been due to the silicon
mouthpiece. That flavor will probably get better with time. You can’t see the heating element, but it is
surrounding the oven, so this is purely conductive heating. This causes the herbs to cook a lot
less evenly than a convection vape such as the crafty. This is my main concern with the unit.

The vapor is quite satisfying but the herb needs to be stirred every 4­5 hits for a real satisfying
experience. You can turn the temperature up a lot and smoke the herb if you really want to. I
would say it’s actually quite efficient for a conduction based model.


Cleaning it was a breeze as you really only need to clean the pods and the mouthpiece. You can
clean the air path with the provided pipe cleaners and they’re a bit tight, but work well.


Overall I was impressed with the unit for $199.99 $149.99. (Official Hip Vap Website) It has basically everything you need in a
vaporizer. It sports a sealed air path, LED temperature display, and adjustable shutoff timer. Its
battery life is excellent and it seems well put together. It won’t get quite the efficiency of a more
expensive convection model, but for the price point it’s a quality unit. Overall I’d give it a score of 4/5.