The people at Haze Technologies, contact us way back when they released Version 1 and Version 2, and since then with the help of our feedback have developed a better product in Version 3.

*Please note: This vaporizer was provided free of charge to us, but this does not in any way influence this review. 

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Here we have the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer. Priced at 249.99, the Haze Dual V3 is very different than any other vape on the market. It comes standard with some of the more common features such as an alcohol resistant finish and a removable mouthpiece. But it also has some very innovative features for an herbal vape such as replaceable batteries and portable chamber canisters. However, its most interesting feature is definitely its dual chamber design.


Unboxing it, it looks very clean and straight forward. There really isn’t much to it. It comes with 1 glass and 1 metal mouthpiece, batteries, portable canisters and a cleaning tool. It feels very comfortable to hold in your hand, although a bit bulky to carry around in your pocket. It’s made of a fiberglass composite body that definitely doesn’t feel cheap. Haze advertises that it can withstand the weight of a motorcycle, but unfortunately I don’t have a motorcycle to test it. Upon opening it, you see two metal bowls ready to be packed with your herb of choice.


Charging Station

The batteries do not come pre-charged and require a significant amount of charging time. I charged them overnight. However, it comes with two separate batteries and a battery charging station. As long as you keep one charging while the other is in use, you should never run out of charge. I would say you get roughly 1-2 hours use out of a battery, and it takes about 3 hours to charge from dead.


It comes with a variety of screens and canisters to load it with. The main two are conduction and convection screens. The conduction screen is the same as the convection screen minus the sides. It also comes with concentrate canisters which can be pre-filled with dry herbs. To load it, you simply insert the screen and fill it like you would fill any other bowl. Alternatively, you can just plop in the filled concentrate canister and go. This makes it nice for on the go or stealth vaping. Once loaded it is very easy to use. You simply insert the glass or metal mouthpiece and slide the top towards the direction of the chamber you want to use. Sliding it forward activates the top chamber while sliding it towards you activates the bottom. I opted to use one for convection and one for conduction in order to test them.

*Tip – If you get this vape, I’d strongly suggestion buying some extra canisters(think you can get a 2pk or 5 pk) these are great to have preloaded and to take with you. Have the ability to carry preloaded canisters ready to go is a big plus, and instead of cleaning one at a time you can clean them all at once.


Different Haze Screens


It has 4 temperature settings which you can cycle through by pressing the button at the top while the unit is on. These temperatures are 365, 380, 390, and 415. I opted to use the lowest two settings and the third towards the end of my sessions. The vapor on both chambers was a very cool, pleasant tasting vapor. Both mouthpieces stayed cool and felt pleasant, but for some reason I kind of liked the metal one better. I did not notice any difference at all between the convection and conduction screens. Honestly, the way it’s set up with the heating element being so close to the screens, this is definitely more of a conduction vape than a true convection vape regardless of what screen you use. The convection screen is more of a gimmick than anything. However, it’s still a very good vape and produces excellent vapor.

Dual Bowl Vaporizer Haze

The one major problem I had with it was duration and efficiency. Between the two chambers it fits about .7g of herb, about .35g each. That is about the average per a chamber of a portable vape today. But this also also you to bring extra, or different kinds to switch it up.

Cleaning it is simple. There really isn’t much to clean, and the cleaning tool works well, although it can get gunked up pretty easily. The mouthpieces are removable which is nice. The chambers do get noticeably stickier than other chambers, but their open access makes cleaning them a breeze.

The Bottom Line

Overall it’s a decent vape, but it has $250 price tag, If it is in your budget, then I’d say compare it to the Crafty or Pax 2, and decide if it’s right for you. If you’re into vaping different liquids, dry herbs, concentrates, etc… it’s worth a look for sure. Unfortunately, not everyone can try it out for free,

With all that being said I’m giving it a score of 4.3/5. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.