We announced on our Twitter account that we had two new reviews coming up (Hammer and Pax) and we finally got around to getting our review of the hammer completed. We actually posted that on Feb. 27, but we don’t like to rush our reviews and take great pride with our hands on time. If you have a suggestion on which portable you want us to review next, just let us know. We’ve already started saving up.

Stop! It’s Hammer Time.

It’s very easy to see how and why this vaporizer got its name. The Hammer vaporizer looks exactly like that, a hammer. Instead of being powered  by batteries like other vaporizers it uses butane.  The only other portable I have used that used butane was the WISPR. It looks a lot bigger in pictures than it actually is. It is very stealthy, but when people see it they definitely are curious to what it is.

The Hammer is what they consider a “hot-air vaporizer”. The butane provides for a quick and effortless vape, only takes about 60 seconds till you’re vaporizing. The other benefit to using butane is that there is no need to wait for the unit to recharge. What you’ll also notice with the Hammer is that it produces a nice dense vapor. Probably the closest thing to “smoking” without actually smoking.  For the people who don’t vaporizer because they like big heavy draws, but don’t like all the “sucking” should give this one a go. You will be pleasantly surprised. I also liked the glass piece as it provides for a much nicer tasting vapor as opposed to units that use plastic/rubber. It comes with two glass mouthpieces which is good because you always have a spare. They also come in handy if you’re with a friend and going to pass it. You both can have a mouthpiece so you don’t have to share. The only downside is the small bowl size, but if you have a good blend you shouldn’t need much, plus it keeps you from wasting it.

Hammer Vaporizer Set

Hammer Set

Now with all the products we review we try to give some cons as well. First, it doesn’t come with butane, not really a big deal but something you should be aware of and prepare for ahead of time. I would hate for you to get your new toy only to not be able to try it out right away because you didn’t have any butane. It is advertised as, it will fit in your pocket, and it does but it is a little bit more bulkier than some of the smaller pocket vaporizers out there. Lastly, you also need to carry a glass mouthpiece with you as well. Again this is not that big of a deal but just something you need to keep in mind.

Overall, the Hammer produces great results. Definitely keep it in mind if your shopping for a portable vaporizer.

Price: $129.99 – $139.99

Where to Buy:

VaporTown – $129.99

VaporNation – $129.99

Directly from Hammer – $139.99

What You Are Buying:


Hammer Vaporizer’s come with a one year.

The folks at Hammer have put together this great video to show you how easy it is to use.