Today I’ll be doing a head to head review of two new additions to the vaporizer market. I’ll be comparing the mid-range E-LIVI8 vaporizer by Red-Eye with the high end Storz & Bickel Crafty Portable vaporizer. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Storz & Bickel is one of the most renowned vaporizer companies, responsible for the most popular desktop vaporizer, the Volcano. I chose to pit these two against each other to see if the Crafty by Storz & Bickel which retails at $399 is really worth paying twice as much over the E-LIVI8 which retails at just under $200.

I would like to add that the e-livi8 vape was given to us by the company for us to test out, and review. However, we payed out of pocket for the Crafty Vaporizer. If you’re interested in buying either of these look for the links below to find the place(s) with the lowest prices.

E-LIVI8 Vaporizer

e-livi8 vaporizer box

First up is the E-LIVI8 vaporizer by Red-Eye. Unboxing the E-LIVI8 unveils a host of accessories. It comes with a silicone and glass mouthpiece, screens, cleaning accessories, a charger, 2 stainless steel ‘bullets’ (which are chambers you can pre-load with your desired herbal mix), and various flyers and posters showing Red-Eyes other offerings. Notably missing was instructions, but you can download a user manual by registering your product.

e-livi8 vaporizer 4

It’s a very compact vaporizer. It’s about the size of a modern cell phone. Its chrome finish is appealing to look at, but hardly stealthy. I told them not to engrave anything on it, but instead they chose to engrave my name.(Please note, this unit was provided free of charge for us to review). It looks nicely engraved, but for obvious reason I’d prefer not to have my name etched on a device of this nature. On both the top and bottom, a piece of metal slides to unveil the clean air path which cleverly keeps the air away from the mechanical heating element for the cleanest possible vapor you can achieve.






In order to turn the vaporizer on or off, you have to click the power button 5 times. This prevents you from accidentally turning it on or off in your pocket, and is a common feature among vaporizers. It can be annoying at first, but you get used to it. I was impressed with how fast it preheated, reaching 365 in roughly 1 minute. It has 3 temperature settings: 340 F (Rejuvenate); 365 F (Medic8); and 420F (Sed8). The second temperature, 365, is perfect for dry herbs. I found the vapor to be lacking until I adjusted the airflow to almost closed via the bottom metal slide. This created a much thicker and satisfying vapor.

Overall I was very satisfied with the E-LIVI8 for a mid-range model. I did have a few issues though. The first major issue is the chamber size. If you use the ‘bullets’ it comes with, the chamber just doesn’t seem to be large enough to really get a satisfying vape session. This requires you to switch out bullets repeatedly, or to fill the chamber without a bullet, which is definitely less efficient and makes cleaning a lot more difficult. Another issue I had was with the whip getting way too hot as I used it. The glass whip became unbearably hot, and the silicone whip wasn’t a whole lot better. It reached a point where I felt like I needed to take a break just to let the whip cool off. Despite these issues, it’s still a very well made device. I’ll give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

Up next, we have the Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. It retails at $399. Unboxing it, I found all the essentials. This one does come with a manual, along with cleaning tools, screens, replacement seals, a metal sponge, and a nifty little plastic grinder/fill tool. The one thing I was disappointed with was the meager 3 foot charging cable, which kind of makes the whole pass thru charging thing difficult. However, it just uses a basic micro usb charging cable, so most of us probably have a longer cable already laying around the house somewhere.

Crafty Vaporizer 6
At first I was disappointed with the plastic grinder it came with(you’d think for the price you’d get a nice metal one), but I was incredibly impressed with the way it locks onto the chamber, allowing the user to fill the chamber without directly touching the herb. The chamber is about perfect size, I fit about .35g of my herb mix in. If you wish, you can use provided metal sponge to fill the chamber halfway and use about half that amount. I found using the sponge to be more efficient, but slightly less enjoyable.

Crafty Vaporizer 2
I’m really impressed by the look and feel of this model. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to grip, and doesn’t get too hot. Best of all it has a generic look which makes it look at home charging next to some other flashlights and power tools.

Crafty Vaporizer 1
Heating it up takes about 2 minutes, which is a bit longer then the E-LIVI8 but still not really long enough to be a problem. It has a one button control to power it on and off, and an adjustable temperature achieved via a cell phone app, which is fun. The cell phone app tells you information such as the unit’s current temperature and battery life. It also allows you to adjust the desired temp and brightness of the LEDs and tells you how many hours the unit has been used total which is interesting.

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Inhaling the Crafty’s vapor for the first time was a treat. I was blown away that a portable vaporizer could produce a vapor this thick and white.

This review was incredibly difficult to do, because every time I’d test it out I’d lose focus. The preset temp was absolutely perfect, and the temperature held steady. The only vaporizers I’ve ever tried that were better than this have been desktop models. The only real issue with the crafty is its poor battery life. It only really lasts between 45 minutes to an hour on a single charge. I feel like if I really wanted to take it on an extended trip I’d almost need to invest in the power bank that you can buy for roughly $30. Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with the Crafty by Storz & Bickel. I do have to take some points away for battery life, but not much. I’ll give it a 4.7 out of 5.
Crafty vaporizer


Now, is it worth it to buy the crafty over $200 vaporizers such as the E-LIVI8? I’d say yes, if you have the money. A mid-range model will do the job, but the Crafty is a premium model and it shows. The Crafty is certainly more efficient. I found it takes about .35g in the crafty to get the same effect of about .5g in the E-LIVI8. For someone who vapes daily, that can make up for the difference in price over the course of a year. When I first decided to do this review I honestly thought $399 was way too much money for a vaporizer, but upon further inspection, it’s really not considering just how much better it is than the competition.