The vaporizer I’ll be reviewing today is the Cloud V Phantom Premium. This vaporizer could be considered a pen vape, but it’s rather large. They also included a nifty glass bubbler attachment . I wasn’t super stoked to test this because most pen vapes end up cooking the herb rather than vaporizing it. However, the glass bubbler included is very intriguing.

Aqua Bubbler Attachment

Aqua Bubbler Attachment


How Much Is It?

Phantom Premium – $129.99 (available in 8 colors)

Aqua Bubbler – $64.99

If you are interested in purchasing this unit – Click Here (Cloud V is a California based company, with great customer service)


Unboxing it, it comes with tweezers, a fill tool, and a few cleaning tools. The box is small simple compact and overall, very classy looking. It feels high quality, and at just under 1”x 7” is much larger than it looks in the pictures. The glass bubbler came in a separate box. The bubbler is nearly as long as the pen vape itself, and wider. It makes for a very long and slightly phallic looking vaporizer when you put it all together.

Cloud V Phantom Premium with Attachment Cloud V Phantom Premium

This is probably the simplest vaporizer I’ve tried yet. It has a large chamber, about .5g loosely packed that sits right under the mouthpiece or the bubbler. Packing it is a little bit of a chore due to its long skinny chamber. It has one button on it that you just press 3 times in order to turn it on, and then another 3 times in order to change the temperature. There’s 3 preset temperatures; 374, 410, and 436. It should be noted that these temps are slightly higher than a standard vape.



So, How Does it Vape?

I tried the Cloud V with and without the bubbler. Without the bubbler, the vapor was slightly harsh at the lowest temperature, and got to be more like smoking than vaping as I increased the temperature. I don’t really understand why they chose such high temperatures for this vape. However, with the bubbler attached, the vapor was much cleaner and barely noticeable in your lungs. The bubbler allows you to take much larger hits much faster.

I got about 15 hits out of the Cloud V without the bubbler attached. With the bubbler attached, I took much larger hits and got about 10. I would like to get more considering I was using nearly half a gram of herb, but for the price range it’s about what I expect. The battery takes 6 hours to charge from empty and I got enough battery out of it to test it with and without the bubbler, with some left over.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning it was a little bit of a hassle. The herb got stuck in its long skinny chamber, and even with the tools it came with it was kind of difficult to get all of it out. Also, the herb was very black when I dumped it out. This means the herb was cooked after vaporizing, which makes sense at temperatures above 400 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’d say the Cloud V with the Aqua Bubbler is a decent vaporizer for the price. I would not buy it without the aqua bubbler, but with the bubbler it makes for an enjoyable clean vaping experience. The only real problem I have is the preset temperatures being too high. However if you keep it at the lowest temperature until the end of your herb pack, you will have a very enjoyable experience. Overall it’s a good vaporizer for the price range and I’d give it a 3.9/5.