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March 25, 2017

Different Types of Vape Batteries

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Written by: pvg_admin

When you finally give up smoking to vape with e-juice, dry herbs, or concentrates, you will need to learn the basics of vape machinery. This includes tanks, coils, mods, and batteries. A vape battery can come in many different forms, and some are safer than others. Unlike some pieces of vapes, the brand of vape batteries can matter very much.

You want to choose a brand that’s known for safety and has a good reputation. Sony is one of the industry standards, as is Orbtronics. There are other vape battery brands that are known for safety, such as Efset and Samsung. There is no perfect battery, however, and there is no guarantee that any brand of battery will refrain from exploding all of the time. Although it might cost a little extra money, finding reputable batteries are paramount to a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

There are three major types of vape batteries, although they are all a version of a lithium battery: ICR, IMR, and a hybrid type of battery. Hybrids are often thought of as the safest type of battery for your mod, but differing opinions on the right mix of chemistry do exist. It’s worth it to do your homework, and to ask a vape expert. Your voltage will be 3.7; do not consent to buying or using a different voltage. 3.7 volts should be standard, and your vape store should not sell much, if anything, else. It is necessary that you operate at the right voltage and amperage for your safety. There’s no fun in vaping if you have to be scared of fires!

There are two important pieces of advice to share about vape batteries. First, charge them with a “smart charger,” if at all possible. These are far and away the safest types of vape battery chargers. They will protect against overcharging, overvoltage, and other typical safety hazards associated with vape batteries. Second, always carry your batteries in a case, kept away from your heating element or mod. Putting batteries in a case is the safest way to transport them. This keeps them away from the elements, as well as keeps them from accidentally igniting the heating coil of your mod. Overcharging your battery can be a potential hazard, while under- or discharging your vape battery can lead to problems after a subsequent charging, as well.

Last but not least, your regular common sense battery safety should apply. Treat a vape battery as you would any other: Keep it away from metal objects and high heat. Making sure your batteries keep out of the elements is crucial to prolonging their lifespan, as is keeping them away from any potential heating element. The recommended length of time between charging your vape’s batteries is 30 minutes, but, depending on your mod, this time might decrease or increase.

A healthy dose of common sense and a little prior research is all you need for a safe and fun vaping experience! Overwhlemingly, vaping is safer than smoking — both for your health and in your home. Happy vaping!

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