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February 1, 2013

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

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Benefits of Vaporizing

When it comes to using tobacco, herbs, or any other favorite blend you may have. You basically have two options; well three is you count ingestion (edibles). These two options are smoking or vaporizers.

When you are smoking you are actually burning, and when you burn something it can and will produces by products, such as carcinogenic and other harmful toxins.  Things like tar and carbon monoxide are the two most common toxins when it comes to smoking. And unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard that smoking is bad for health, especially your lungs.

By the use of vaporizers you can greatly diminish all of these harmful side effects of smoking. Not only is the use of a vaporizer safer for you but it also benefits the people around you. Since you are not burning or producing no smoke only water vapor, there is no second hand smoke. With “vaping” there is no combustion. All these factors make for a more enjoyable experience. With vapor there is no ash. Plus you get a true taste and smell of your blend or tobacco is also achieved.

We are not just blowing smoke either. There is scientific research that backs ups these claims as well. In 2007, the University of California did a study that revealed that with vaporizing there was almost no harmful combustion products produces when you using a vaporizer. They also found that it results in having to use smaller amounts of “your blend” to produce the desired results.

So just for a quick overview, the benefits of using a vaporizer are:

  • No harmful toxics produced
  • No smoke
  • No second hand smoke
  • No ash
  • No tar
  • Requires less active ingredient
  • No stinky smell
  • Better tasting

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  1. Abe

    Great article. I really like that you bring up some research on the topic. There is also a great variety of portable vaporizers out there so there are virtually no drawbacks to using vaporizers any more.

  2. UnME

    Been using a vaporizer for awhile now and my lungs do thank me.

  3. Fr3d420

    Best benefit for me is the taste!

  4. benson

    some great info, believe its time I start thinking about my health. I’m not getting any younger.

  5. McCall

    You and me both

  6. timmay

    been using my vaporizer for awhile now, and I hardly cough at all anymore. I used to wake up every morning with the worst smokers cough.

  7. K_to_the_Arma

    Nice site, are you planning any giveaways soon?

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